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  • Craig Loughridge

Honoring our sponsors: Supporting 30 years of impactful service

St. Vincent de Paul's Jim Altenhofen Memorial Golf Classic approaches its 30th opening this August with a shout-out to our many sponsors. Sponsors play a huge role in making this annual event a big success. Their awesome efforts help fund the amazing work of our Emergency Services office, and the aid our office is able to give to provide shelter and hope for those in crisis.

Here are just a few of the sponsors who have stepped up so far. And we'll be recognizing many more in the coming weeks.

  • Aloha Produce

  • Central Catholic High School

  • JGP Weath Management

  • La Salle College Prep

  • Norlift of Oregon/Equipment Depot

  • Princeton Property Management

  • St. Martin de Porres Trust

If you or your company hasn't pledged your support yet, please consider doing so now. Visit our Golf Sponsor page.

Thank you, sponsors!!


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