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When you contact the St. Vincent de Paul conference in your Service Area, you'll get details on how to ask for help. Read below for application limits and guidelines common to most areas we serve.

Financial Help

Make Appointment

Unless noted for your Service Area, appointments are made by phone only. If yours doesn't work, borrow one, or have someone call for you.

What to Have

1. Full name and birthdate of all household members

2. Rental contract or utility bill

3. Account number

4. Photo ID

5. Reason you need help


1. More info needed for some aid.

2. Interview does not assure help.

3. We will verify account with vendor.

4. Account must be in client's name.

Appointment Time

Many appointments can be done over the phone. Some people may be scheduled to visit our office for their appointment.

What Else

 • Income and expenses of all household members

 • Contact name and phone number of utility/landlord

 • Estimated amount you owe.


 • Aid subject to funds availability.

 • No aid for transactions between family members.

 • No aid for bill due in a future month.

Food Help

Make Contact

Use the Find A Pantry page to make contact with the pantry that helps in your area.


 • Not all areas have a pantry.

 • Not all pantries have delivery.

 • Some drop-in pantries deliver to people who can't go out because of a disability.

Give Your Details

Be ready with your full name, address, phone number, and details about other household members.

Our Obligation

 • Pantries are welcoming to all, and comply with all food safety and civil rights laws.

 • We will treat you with respect, and will make accommodations, when possible.

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