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Utility Help

Electricity, water and heat are necessary to maintain good health, and allow long-term financial stability. Our goal is to help you keep these vital utility services on when an unexpected emergency results in missed payments or loss of service.


Utility Shut-Off


Losing your service is scary. We don't want your family to go without the most basic utilities you need. If you've tried all other options to get turned back on, we may be able to help.

Shut-Off Notices


So many times, our clients have had to prioritize paying for rent or food over paying for a bill for power or water. When you're so far behind that you're about to lose your service, call us to see if we can help. Even if we can't, we may be able to advise you about other options.

Utilities We Help With


We focus our aid on the services that people need the most in order to maximize the impact of our funds. These are the utilities that we generally fund:

  • Electricity

  • Water

  • Natural Gas


We don't pay bills for cable TV, internet or phone services. In rare circumstances, we may help pay for heating oil or propane when used as a fixed heat source for a conventional home. This depends on the policy of the local St. Vincent de Paul conference where you live. We do not pay for gasoline, or to fill portable propane bottles.


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