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Why Sponsor Us?


Promote your business or organization in a way that instills confidence among potential customers. Your investment in a sponsorship makes your firm look successful. That perception makes consumers know that you can deliver. Your support sets an example for your staff, and sends a signal to others that you have a concern for the community that transcends profit.

How to Sponsor Us


Our biggest affair is the annual Jim Altenhofen Memorial Golf Tournament. For nearly 30 years each summer, thousands of players and sponsors have supported the mission of St. Vincent de Paul through this event. Every sponsor receives recognition, and affordable sponsor levels are available. Don't miss out on our next tournament.


Other sponsorship opportunities may be available during the year. Volunteer recognition banquets, client service events, and other functions occur on a non-regular basis. These may be ideal for those who wish to get sponsor recognition for in-kind donations.

Check our Calendar to look for upcoming events that could be a good sponsorship match for you.

Sponsor An Event

Sponsoring one of our special events is a good way to promote your organization while helping others.

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