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Safeguarding Policy

In order to guard against and prevent abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable persons, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Portland, Oregon, adheres to the following principals:

  • The welfare of the people we serve is paramount.

  • Concerns or allegations of abusive or exploitative behavior are always taken seriously, investigated, and acted on as appropriate.

  • We support the participation of children, vulnerable persons, and all those we assist by valuing, listening to, and respecting them, and giving them a say in the decisions that affect them.

  • All personnel have access to and are familiar with safeguarding policies and procedures, and know their responsibilities within those policies and procedures.

  • All personnel and people being served, including children and vulnerable persons themselves, have access to information about how to report concerns or allegations of abuse.

  • Recruitment practices are robust enough to ensure that we will not recruit personnel or other representatives if they pose a known risk to the safety or well-being of those we assist, or to children or vulnerable people with whom we come into contact.

  • Our practices do not create or allow conditions in which children and vulnerable people are put at risk of abuse or exploitation.

  • People in positions of responsibility, whether they be members, volunteers or employees, are responsible for actively promoting safeguarding, and for ensuring that safeguarding policies and procedures are complied with, and are updated on a regular basis, and circulated within their jurisdiction.

To file a specific complaint of abuse or exploitation with the Portland Council, please use our Contact form. You will receive a response.

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