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Your Own Project for StVdP


Would your church, school, business or organization like to conduct a food and/or fund drive with proceeds directed to St. Vincent de Paul?

This is a great way to help people in need in a big way. We are always looking for new food outlets and this is a way you could make a significant impact.

Below, you might find an idea just for you, you can even ask your family, friends or co-works to help you out. The main thing is to remember to have FUN when you volunteer, and you will want to do it again and again.

If you need help with planning ideas, barrels or flyers, we will assist you. We can pick up food over 300 pounds. No food or fund drive is too small or too big, several small drives add up to one big one. Food drives are a great way to volunteer and to help low income families and individuals in your community. Group project opportunities are also available at our food bank.

For more information on food drives call Diana at 503-234-1114.

Ideas for Conducting a Food Drive

**Every 1.2 lbs of food donated gives one meal, 10 lbs of food will provide 12 meals to the hungry in our community.**

  • Conduct a food drive with your family or at your workplace.
  • Ask your family and friends to bring canned goods to your holiday meals or parties.
  • Ask your family and friends to bring canned food to your birthday party.
  • Collect food from neighbors while out on a walk. Remember, no Food Drive is to small!!
  • Set up a food barrel at your business or even neighboring businesses.
  • Hold a progressive dinner – All at one location or make the rounds to your family and friends. (Ask your guests to bring canned food to donate for each course.)
  • Have a bag lunch day and ask your co-workers to bring in food that day or give you the price of a lunch. (You could also sell bag lunches.)
  • Have your family or co-workers bring all the fixings for a non-perishable meal. (This could be canned food, boxed food or jar foods.)

Ideas for Conducting a Fund Drive

**Every dollar you raise will turn into 10 lbs of food for someone in need, 1.2 lbs of food equals 1 meal, so every $1 donated provides 8.3 meals to the hungry.**

  • Hold a garage sale, your treasure might be what someone is looking for.
  • Organize a pledge drive, and ask family, friends and co-workers to pledge money if you walk, bike or drive a specific distance.
  • Organize a bake sale.
  • Ask your work or organization if you can put out a donation jar, put a sign on it telling people that $1.00 = 10 lbs of food
  • Have a penny drive – Get everyone involved to see how many pennies you can collect. (Make it a challenge – 100 pennies adds up to 10 lbs of food.)
  • Host a “Stone Soup” dinner or pot luck. (Collect the money you would have spent at a restaurant, you now have a whole group of people volunteering for a good cause.)
  • Donate all or part of your tips for the day, let your customers know what you are doing so they can feel that they are helping you meet your goal.