* THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY CLOSURE: We will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 22 and 23.
* THANKSGIVING FOOD BOXES: As of November 15, all T-G boxes have been reserved. To request a regular food box, call 503-235-8431 or visit our office.
* CHRISTMAS FOOD BOX REQUESTS: We will begin taking these requests on November 7 (tel: 503-595-2292).
* IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER: Closure information for the Council can be found HERE .

What We Accept


SVDP does not have any thrift stores in the Portland area, and our Council building in southeast Portland has limited warehouse space. Thus we cannot accept furniture or large appliances. We also cannot accept medicines, since we can’t legally give them out. We do accept food, personal hygiene items, household cleaning items, small appliances, vehicles and money. Our greatest need is financial, so as to support the client assistance provided by our Emergency Services department and to support the Mobile Kitchen. If you need a referral for donating items we cannot accept ourselves, please call Craig at 503-595-2294.

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