Making a Difference


St. Vincent de Paul with 2,065 volunteers is on the front lines serving the homeless and economically disadvantaged in Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Clatsop & Columbia counties. In 2015 we reached 303,027 people across this wide area. These are just a few examples of how we make a difference everyday in the lives of those in need.

Rent & Utility Assistance

In 2015, St. Vincent de Paul and its 50 Catholic church partners, distributed $1.4 million in rent, utility, medical and transportation assistance. Recently a family of 6, 4 children (of which 2 are special needs) and 2 adults called to request assistance with rent and utilities. Their gas had been turned off for over two months, they had a gas hot water heater. The mother was using her electric stove to heat water to wash with. If they didn’t receive help soon they were going to be evicted.

St. Vincent de Paul was able to pay one month’s rent at $660 and get their gas turned back on for $1033. The father of the family has a job that provides about $1800 per month. Mom must stay at home to care for the children they are 5, 6. 8, and 10. Food was also supplied for this family and on going care will be given to make sure they do not return to this desperate situation. The mother and father would like to say thank you to everyone who donated their time, talent and funds to help people like them who find themselves in so much need of help.

Feeding the Hungry

In 2015 4.2 million pounds of food was distributed to 3,590 families.  The Mobile Kitchen served 4,368 meals to more than 3,000 adults and children.

“My husband left me a couple of weeks ago. I have two small children, I don’t know what I would have done without St. Vincent de Paul. They delivered a huge box full of food for Christmas dinner and presents for my children.”

“I am disabled and live on a fixed income I don’t know what I would do without help from St. Vincent de Paul.”

Lending a Hand

“Thanks for your help with rent assistance. I am very grateful! Have never needed this kind of assistance before. I didn’t even know it was available. One of your volunteers was very helpful and so was all the staff at St. Vincent de Paul.”

“I have never been in my current unemployed situation and needed assistance. I am so grateful for all of your help. I especially want to thank your staff, they were great. I almost had my power turned off and you came through and allowed me to keep my power on. It is nice to know there are good people like you out there lending a hand. I can never thank you enough!”

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