About Our Mobile Kitchen


St. Vincent de Paul Mobile Kitchen is on the road again!MK Exterior 2


How It Works

The St. Vincent de Paul Food Recovery Network collects over-produced food from restaurants, caterers, hospitals, universities and deli’s. This very nutritious, delicious food will be served daily in the mobile kitchen. We purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, milk products and shelf stable food to supplement each meal as necessary.

Mobile Kitchen Amenities

Inside the mobile kitchen is a great place for families and individuals to stay warm or cool in a comfortable environment while enjoying a friendly non-judgmental atmosphere with dedicated volunteers. Inside the mobile kitchen you’ll find:

  • Picnic style tables and benches to seat 15 to 18 people
  • Full kitchen licensed by the Multnomah County Health Dept.
  • Six burner stove for preparing hot meals on site
  • Full refrigerator & small freezing compartment
  • Cupboards
  • Three compartment sink and hand washing sink
  • Generator
  • Furnace and air conditioning units

The Helping Hands TreeMK Hands

The “Helping Hands” Tree is an ongoing fundraiser for the mobile kitchen. The donations pay for operating the bus, fuel, and food that’s not available through our food recovery program such as eggs and dairy products.

Individuals can sponsor a hand/leaf on the tree (name included) represented by varying colors depending on donation amount. Each color hand has a dollar value associated: Orange – $25, Blue – $50, Purple – $100, Green – $250 and Red – $500.

For larger donations, including corporate donations, a special area is set aside inside the mobile kitchen where donor names will prominently be displayed. Corporate donors will have the option of including their logo if they so choose.


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